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Justin (00:00): In this video, I will give you my top five stocks that you can buy right now that could possibly double your money in the next 12 months. In this video, I'm going to reveal those five stocks to you. I'm also going to sit down and quickly run you through my eight-step process for how I choose these stocks. I’m going to give you my price prediction for each of them. Then also, at the end of this video, I'm going to provide you with a link on screen that will give you access to the spreadsheet that I've used, where you can go and have a look at the fundamental data behind these stocks and then, obviously, make your own decision as to whether you want to buy into them or not. So, with that being said, if you are new to the channel and you haven't yet subscribed, please go and click on that subscribe button right now. Be sure to click on the bell notification and turn on all notifications for the channel so that you can get all future updates whenever we release a new video. 

(00:53): So that's it, let's quickly jump into my spreadsheet here. So, I have an 8-step checklist, and I'm going to walk you through it very quickly, and then I will then go on to each of the stocks that I believe will be poised for growth in the next 12 months. So, the first thing I'm looking for in a growth stock is that it must be below $100. The next thing I'm looking for is that the price must be much lower than its nearest competitors. So, the stock price, I want to see something that reflects that the company is significantly undervalued compared to its competitors. Next, I'm looking for a stock price dip in the last six months, at least one stock price dip, and I want the price to have rebounded and come back. Next, I'm also looking at the total revenue, and I want to see that that is up year on year by at least 30%. I'm also looking for major market growth. I want to know that there is a possibility for significant market growth. So, we're looking for a big consumer market or a big b2b market. 

Next, we're looking for international expansion and want to know if the company can trade internationally. If it is trading international already, is there an opportunity to grow and expand into more countries? And then we are looking at the financials, very specifically free cash flow. And again, year on year, I want to see a growth of at least 10%. And then, very importantly, we want to make sure that the assets are more significant than the liabilities. So, with that said, my very first stock pic for massive growth in the next 12 months is a company called Fastly. Now, if you haven't heard about Fastly. Fastly is a provider of cloud-based services and for edge networks, and basically, what they do is, deliver apps and sites for businesses to their customers in a way that makes it faster. So, the way to think about it is that they make the internet faster. So, I believe that Fastly has enormous upside potential. I believe that it checks all the boxes except for two. Unfortunately, it is not priced a lot lower than its competitors, although it is priced lower than its competitors, but not by a considerable margin, and the free cash flow, year on year, there hasn't been a gain of more than 10%. But other than that, it is a 62% buy on my score ratio. And so, for this reason, I believe that this is a growth stock that is worth looking at.

(03:26): So, with that said, the current price is $88 as of right now, and the industry is projecting that this will go to about $105 in the next 12 months. I personally project in the next 12 months that we're going to be sitting around $120 for the share. The reason for that is if we take into account all the current market conditions. Suppose we're considering how we are entering the digital economy. In that case, if we’re considering how consumers are spending their time online purchasing, engaging, definitely the companies that are delivering their apps, their websites, their platforms need to do this faster. And they need to make it a faster, better user experience for the end-user, and Fastly enables us, they're a great b2b model. And so, for this reason, I believe Fastly is an absolute buy, currently sitting at 88, I project 120. 

(04:19): The following stock up on the list is a stock known as Prologis Inc. Now, a little bit more of a traditional business, but with a little bit of a spin on it. So, Prologis is basically a real estate investment trust, and they invest in logistics facilities, focusing on the consumption side of the global supply chain. So, to make this simple to understand. Think about warehousing for distribution. Not the sexiest thing around, but absolutely something that is necessary, considering how we are entering, once again, as I said before, the digital economy. So, Prologis are focused on the property side of things. And so, you know, when Amazon distributes a product when Wish distributes a product, that has to go through a distribution centre. And, you know, this is where Prologis is focused, this is where the investment is focused, and I believe there is tremendous upside potential. They check all of the 8 items except for one on my list. And that is that their stock price is not much lower than their competitors. So again, there are other competitors in the space. But what I think makes them unique is that they definitely have got a handle and a focus on the fact that they need to serve the global supply chain, and obviously, they’re tackling this from a global perspective. So, I definitely like the stock. I think it's a great sock. It's a great opportunity. I have an 87% buy score on this stock, so this is a definite, definite stock to go for. It trades under the ticker PLD, and you'll be able to access it in my spreadsheet. I'll put the spreadsheet link up here on the screen towards the end of this video. And also, just to let you know, the stock is currently trading at 96.90 a share. The industry predicts that the share is going to go to 108 in the next 12 months. I personally believe, based on all the fundamentals that I've studied, it's going to go towards about 130 In the next 12 months. So definitely check it out, PLD. That's the stock ticker. 

(06:32): Now my third stock, and this is exciting. I love the stock. It has a bar score of 100%. It checks everything necessary on my list. So, the stock price is way below 100, much lower than its competitors. Everything on the list is checked. So, they have a market cap of 4.53 billion, trading and the stock ticker CLDR and this company, Cloud Era, is a software platform for data engineering. So again, very much a b2b business model. And essentially, what they do is provide infrastructure for machine learning, analytics, AI, etc. And so, the best way to think about this stock is to think about it as big data for big businesses. So, I believe Cloud Era has massive, massive upside. The best part of it is this stock is currently trading at about 14 bucks. 14 bucks, I think, is dirt cheap. Suppose you look at the earnings to price ratio. Also, this stock has to be right up there on the list. This is probably one of my top picks for the next 12 months. That being said, the industry projects the price to stabilise around $15 for the year. I think they're entirely wrong. I'm looking at where things are going, and having a look at again, I've said it in the last two stocks, digital economy, and I think big business has to get behind the data. They have to, you know, really get into AI. They have to make their systems more efficient. And so, Cloud Era provides a platform to do that, and for this reason, I'm picking a projection for the next 12 months and at least 25 bucks a share. So, if you're in at 14 today, possibly at the end of this year, we’re sitting at 25 bucks, so definitely go have a look at it, stock ticker CLDR. And let me know in the comment section if you've heard of the stock. Let me know if you've been following the stock, and let me know your thoughts. I'd love to get your feedback and see what you guys are thinking. 

(08:40): My next tip, and this is another exciting stock. Again, it checks all of my boxes. It's got a 100% buy score, it’s not on the major investor’s radar, and it is in a very, very poignant niche of the market. I think a significant niche of the market right now considering everything that the world is going through. So Cardinal Health, trading under the stock ticker CAH, is a company that connects patients, providers, payers, pharmacists, and manufacturers within the medical industry for integrated care coordination and better patient management. So again, a straightforward way to think of this is that Cardinal Health is focused on the back end of the medical industry. So, we all know that right now, the stocks that are popular stuff that's, you know, obviously around vaccines and medical companies. What I love about the stock is that it's universal. I love the fact that it's empowering the medical industry, and I love the fact that they are integrated into all the different healthcare spheres. So, for that reason, this stock is definitely right up there, in my opinion. They currently have a market cap of 16.4 billion. As I said, they have a buy score on my radar of 100%. The current price is 55 bucks a share. Industries are projecting over the next 12 months 64 bucks a share. 

(09:08): My personal prediction is that it's going to go to at least 75 bucks a share. So, in my opinion, this is an incredible growth sheet in an incredible market segment, and it's one of those shares that's in the right place at the right time, so definitely go and check it out. Again, just to let you know, at the end of this video, I will share my spreadsheet with you. I'm going to give you a link to it, it's going to be displayed up here on the screen, and you can go ahead, access that spreadsheet, and have a look at how I've done my evaluations and then obviously make your own assumptions. And then my last share, and this is probably my number one sheet. If I had to choose a share, this is perhaps my number one share. And I'm definitely going to be buying a large chunk of this company. So, this is a company called Electra Meccanica, and they trade under the stock ticker SOLO. It's a Canadian based company. Essentially what they are is they're a designer and manufacturer of electrical vehicles. Their flagship vehicle is a purpose-built single-seater electric vehicle targeted at the commuter, and I believe there is a strong emphasis on empowering the delivery industry. 

(11:22): So, definitely a stock you want to look at how I would describe this stock is an early Tesla. Definitely go and have a look at it. They've also got two additional product models that are coming out, look very exciting. They've got some retro products that they're bringing to market. I really think this is going to hit a spot that possibly Tesla isn't hitting, and really if you look at the stock price, currently trading at 6 bucks 74 cents, I think that's absolutely dirt cheap, and this is an incredible opportunity to get in on the ground, early. Again it's a 100% buy score, it checks all 8 of my criteria, and I believe this is a definite stock that you should own. Current market cap, a lot smaller than the other companies that I've mentioned so far, only 550 million. But that having been said, the industry projects this at 950, and that's very conservative. So, industry projections very conservatively are sitting at 950, currently sitting at 674, and my personal forecast for the stock is at least $13 by the end of this year. This is a very hot area of investment right now. Everybody's focused on medical; everybody’s focused on tech. But if you can combine tech with the green side of things, that definitely has to be a stock that you have to look at. And so, Electra Meccanica trading under stock ticker S O L O. You need to go and check it out, have a look at the stock. 

(12:48): And again, let me know in the comment sections below. Have you heard of them? Have you been looking at the stock? Have you considered buying the stock? Where are you at? So, I really hope that you guys get some of the stocks. I hope that you make a lot of money in the next 12 months. I hope that it brings about some decent growth to your portfolio. Heck, we all need growth. We are all looking for growth, and I really hope that it will bring that growth to the portfolio you're looking for. Right now, on your screen right here, you will see the link where you can access this spreadsheet. And you'll be able to go and get it, downloaded at, access it, and basically see how I've done my research, and then go and make your own buying decisions. With that being said, if you did find value in this video, please make sure to click the like button and also, if you haven't subscribed, go and click on that subscribe button right now. Click on the bell icon to turn on all notifications for this channel, so you'll get notified whenever I release a new video. I’m going to be doing lots of exciting and credible stock tips for this year, and I'm really going to empower you guys to make some money out of the stock market. I think there's a huge opportunity this year, probably more so than any other year, and now is the time to jump in, get your feet wet and make some money. So please go ahead, like this video if you enjoyed it, and again, drop me your comments below, and let me know if you're going to be buying any of these stocks. If you already hold some of these stocks, let me know your plans for the year ahead. 

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