About us:

Global Money Academy provides real world financial education in short format courses specifically catered for adults who feel overwhelmed and powerless by the lack of information provided in laymen's terms. Our mentors don't come from financial backgrounds, instead they have decades of real world failures and success under their belts which they share through a series of incredible short format courses that enables anyone to succeed with their personal finance. 



Justin Harrison


Justin started his first business at the age of 13 and has never been formally employed. A self made entrepreneur with a passion for numbers and simplicity he has amassed his wealth through business, property, trading and deal making.

He has started over 100 businesses, owned 21 private residences and amassed a personal wealth that has allowed him the freedom to become a global citizen and live a life of privilege whilst remaining humble and living well within his means. 

He is a dedicated father, husband, sportsman, animal lover and above all an advocate for self improvement and responsible capitalism.   


Dawid Bester

Dawid Bester

David has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and human psychology, and his natural talent for business landed him a mentorship under Justin at the age of 21 where he furthered his education and focused on honing his business skills.

He serves as the director and owner of several companies with a portfolio which consists of property, commodities, and shares in various businesses, and has amassed an impressive net-worth. 

He is a passionate sportsman, father, traveller and an advocate for financial literacy.