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"I had no idea that credit enquiries affect my credit score the way they do, or that debt review comes with so many restrictions. We spend more than what we earn and that comes straight from our backgrounds. No one taught me how to treat money, as all I know is to spend. Maintaining a good relationship with money and a good credit record is very important, but unfortunately so many people do not have the knowledge that is in this course."

Sweetness ndlela  // SOUTH AFRICA

Excellent course all in all, the difficulty about reviewing a course like this is that all information is relevant and precise to the point.I reread the book 3 times already.

The course also demystify misinformation and fake news on the subject matter. I will advocate that the contents of the course be shared with all people entering adulthood. It is very informative.

Naval malatjie  // - SOUTH AFRICA