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A few months ago I went for a surf before I started working. It was a beautiful morning in Cape Town and as I drove back, I got stuck in traffic like I usually do at one of the robots.

That’s when I witnessed a brilliant idea by one entrepreneur.

The coffee entrepreneur

He was selling coffee to all the cars standing in queue. The thing that immediately grabbed my attention was that he didn’t have any fancy cappuccino machines.

The coffee was pre made and he just had one person helping him. They would pour the coffee from the flasks and walk with a tray between the cars, selling the coffee to the people for R20 a cup.

R40 000 per month idea

I quickly made some calculations in my head. If he sells only 100 cups (which should be easy judging how busy he was) and he was standing there only 2 hours of the day, then it means he would make R2000 a day or R40,000.00 a month (R2000*20 working days).

3 hours a day

If you think about it – it should basically take you an hour to make the coffee and put it in the flasks. Then you spend 2 hours selling the coffee at the robot. All together, that’s 3 hours invested. The rest of the day you have to yourself to invest in another skill, plan to expand your little business or just do whatever you like.

The world is full of opportunities

This is only 1 idea I noticed while just observing what’s going on around me. The fact is – there are millions of these ideas out there.

The fact that people complain about “not having enough money to start a business” or “don’t want to go into debt to start a business” is just laziness.

This example shows you how you can make money from almost no upfront expenses at all.

You don’t have to go big buying expensive cappuccino machines and branding your coffee caravan.
Here’s an entrepreneur that took a simple thing that most people love and he is making a killing while only working 3 hours a day.

In our course, the $MONEYSECRET we explain how to have the correct mindset when it comes to money. When it comes to money you need to understand that there are literally millions of opportunities out there. It’s up to you to break the negative believes around it and take control over your own financial needs.