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Every month your salary gets paid into your bank account. If you are like most people that listened to their parents and the media then you probably have saved up quite a bit of money in there as well…

But what if you don’t have access to that money anymore? What if you wake up one day and you can not access your money? Will you be able to survive financially…? If you get shivers down your spine just reading these questions then good for you because you should!


When you put your money in a bank, you are basically giving them the rights to your money. The digits you see when you log into your online banking platform is only an IOU by the bank.


Very few people know what the term fractional reserve banking means. But to put it in one sentence “It’s a banking system where only a fraction of the bank deposits (your money) is backed by actual cash”. This means that the bank only holds a fraction of the money that depositors put into it.

In other terms – they take your money and make risky investments with.

some examples to illustrate my point:

  • In 2015 millions of people’s bank accounts got frozen in Greece and they were limited to only withdraw 60 Euros a day
  • In 2013 the government shut down all ATM’s and banks in Cyprus and started confiscating people’s deposits
  • Currently in Zimbabwe people are lining up at ATM’s before sunrise to queue in lines at ATM’s just to get enough money to buy them a bread.
  • In 2018 Venezuela's ATM’s were deserted because money dried up and it's still a mess

So I ask you once again: Do you still think your money is safe in your bank? If you still think it is then you are delusional and you are gambling with your family’s savings.


Sleeping with the money under your mattress is probably more riskier than putting your money in a bank. The point is – keeping your savings in cash in a bank is not a wise decision. Keeping it in one bank is an even riskier choice.


Two words – EDUCATE YOURSELF! It’s the best investment you can make. But educating yourself will enable you to invest your money wisely and put into into investments that makes you more money. 

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David Bester
Justin Harrison