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Marriage & Money



This book is primarily written for men, however, it applies just as much if you are a woman who earns considerably more than her partner, or has more wealth than her partner.

People will tell you that marriage is about love and companionship, but the ugly reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. Marriage is a contract, a legally binding agreement which most men enter into completely blind.

If you are a man about to get married, read this book. If you are a man who is already married, read this book. If you are the primary financial partner in your relationship, read this book.

Marriage has evolved more in the last 40 years than in the entire 5,000-year history of marriage and sadly we're still following the same old advice. Educate yourself, marry the right way, fix your financial affairs even if you are already married.

The Marriage & Money book is a must read. The truth will set you free, and the truth is in this book.

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Laura Palmieri  

I have just finished proofreading your book ..... I started off being a bit skeptical, as I know the type of person you are. In the sense of you shoot straight and don't take any prisoners along the way. I thought here we go, us woman are going to get nailed again... BUT WOW !!! The way you have balanced out the inequality by explaining the origin of marriage, changed my view completely. I was now reading it as a woman, it made a lot of sense and in the end it did not offend me at all ! WELL DONE Justin, i love the book !!!!


This book is absolute GOLD. This is the advice no father, lawyer or best friend is willing to give because frankly it will offend people to hear the truth. I am a single very liberally minded man, but I must admit when I read this book at first I was like HOLY S@#$T this dude is going to get lynched... but then you balanced everything, all the points you made came from a place of logic and cannot be argued. Men & WOMEN will benefit from this book.

Justin Harrison

Justin Harrison


In the last 40 years, marriage has evolved more than anytime in its 5000-year history, and not coincidentally, divorce rates are peaking and marriages are failing. I know this because I am divorced and remarried. What I have come to learn and witness from the experience is that men, for the most part, are entirely on the back foot when it comes to marriage.

True love, companionship is absolutely attainable, but first us men need to face some harsh realities that nobody is talking about, that not a single person will warn you about before you take that massive plunge.

This book serves to educate MEN and women who are the stronger financial partner, but predominantly men. If this book offends you, I am sorry, but the ugly truth needs to be told.