Congratulations you are ELIGIBLE to upgrade

Congratulations on completing the financial boot camp, this is no small feat. Only 31% of people who start the boot camp actually follow through and complete it. So give yourself a big pat on the back. You deserve it!

No doubt what you have discovered about your personal finances has been an eye opener and a shock to the system (especially your past financial behaviour) - we know because we have gone through this ourselves. 

You are now faced with one of the biggest decisions of your life. Do you continue to go at it alone, or are you ready to take the bold step towards financial freedom and come under our mentorship?

Before you decide... let's quickly tell you what you will learn from us. 

Besides transferring 25 years of deeply practical financial knowledge, we have also created multiple mentorship modules to slowly progress you through some critical stages of your personal finance development.

You will also get access to all of our courses (current and future) as well as all of the books we have written, and if that's not enough, you will get direct access to Dawie and Justin in a monthly video call to help you with any specific issues you are dealing with or financial decisions you need to make.

Now for the really good news... for a very limited time we will be accepting new members at R1500 p.m (normally R2500 p.m) and because we're super cool people, there are no contracts and no commitments... (other than us asking you to please value our time and give your all to the program)