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The $MONEYSECRET is unlike any book you have ever read on money and wealth before. Most books on money are long, complicated and written in theory with all the "typical" advice: save, invest, retire advice.

The $MONEYSECRET on the other hand is a practical guide to modern money. Once you read the $MONEYSECRET you are bound to have a few "aha" moments followed by an absolutely clear understanding of money, and the financial system that's working against you right now.

The $MONEYSECRET is life-changing in every sense of the word. This small little book will reshape the way you think about money and the financial system and give you the tools to exploit and unlock the system to your benefit.

No fluff or complicated terms, the $MONEYSECRET is the key you have been looking for.

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"Your book is great and it’s really interesting how you explained everything right to the point and it’s all true. While i was reading it, I was looking around and seeing things I have just bought because I have wanted it and not needed it. It’s very true what you have written and any person who understands it would agree. What’s always been on my mind is the difference between a rich person and a wealthy person, I am not sure why I have never googled it but thank you I have my answered for that now. Although I have read the book and I know the difference between wanting and needing, wealthy and rich I will tell you honestly that I will still purchase things I don't really need BUT I will be making changes slowly."


Justin Harrison has provided us with an absolute gem of a book that gives the reader a “no punches pulled” view for the everyday layman and his relationship with money. Money Secret is a book that makes you accountable for your financial situation and gives you steps and tips to correcting and growing your wealth, with a fresh take on tried and true methods. I would greatly recommend this fantastic little book to anyone looking to improve themselves in the ever changing financial climate we find ourselves in 



This book is great, it gave me a new look on how I look at my budget and my finances . I used to think if I earned more money I could save more and get out of debt but I started saving small amounts and when I got more money I somehow saved more money. I was used to using less and now earning more meant I could pay off debt faster and save more, eventually I was debt free and from already saving money in small quantities I started saving the money I was using to pay off debt. This book has a lot of good inside info and was straight to the point definitely a must read if you battle with debt and saving.


Justin’s hard hitting truth about our engrained understanding of money is both eye opening and inspiring. Very few people in the 1% take the time to share this philosophy. This guide will leave you wanting more but knowing you have actually got all you need in this short but powerful guide!

Justin Harrison

Justin Harrison


Writing and sharing this information has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. When people ask me how I became wealthy, or how I have managed to travel the world without having to worry about money, I refer them to this book.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", and for you I trust that the first step will be this book. I have done my utmost to keep it simple, keep it to the point and deliver the information in a way that will be practical and something you can implement right away.